Towards LEDlogics

To get started with embedded systems, it is important to learn about some basics.

When working with micro controllers, you need to combine software and hardware. What can be a minimum setup to improve either, your hard- or software skills?

Trying to answer this question, resulted into the following (abstract) requirements of LEDlogics ONE, a simple PCB for LED adventures:

Wiring a shift register

While breadboards are great for learning about physical computing, learning about bits and protocols can better be done with a different setup.

Mono blink

The board was tested already with an Arduino UNO, Arduino Nano, Arduino Micro...

Tessel blink

... and with a Tessel

Adding interaction

Besides improving the wiring, with ribbon cables including IDC, a next step will be to add more interaction. Please leave feedback at the Reddit or Hackernews threads, or at Forum Arduino.

Copyright (c) 2014, Patrick Mulder / LEDlogics(TM)